Beijing Hyundai

Beijing Hyundai Motor Company (Beijing Hyundai) , founded on 18 October 2002, is a joint venture invested by BAIC Motor Investment Co., Ltd?and Korea Hyundai Motor Company. Beijing Hyundai’s registered capital is 2.036 billion US dollars with 50% of shares for each side and the joint venture’s term is 30 years.


With three complete vehicle production factories, three engine production factories and a technology center that are all located in the BAIC Motor manufacturing base in Shunyi district of Beijing city, Beijing Hyundai holds the annual production capacity of 1.05 million complete cars. Guided by the national strategies "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development" and "Yangtze River Economic Belt Development", Beijing Hyundai started to set up its Hebei Cangzhou factory and Chongqing factory in 2015. With the two new factories put into operation, Beijing Hyundai will reach a production capacity of 1.65 million annually.


With the "Green · Quality · Intelligence" production concept, Beijing Hyundai factories combine "Flexible Production, Fine Operation, Human-based Management" all together, rely on advanced intelligent equipment to reduce manufacturing processes involving manual labour, to achieve high automation rate both in production and transportation.


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