Chairman’s Message

Developing our self-owned brands is the only way for China to become a strong power of automobile from a large market of it. BAIC Motor is the core platform for BAIC Group to create passenger cars of BAIC self-owned brands, which concentrates best quality assets, most advantageous resources and best talents of the group. BAIC Motor, which was founded over six years ago, now has formed a good pattern where joint venture and autonomous operation advance together and benefits grow in pace with scale, and has become an automotive company of most growth in the domestic market of China.

As the mainstay of the group, BAIC Motor presents the hope and potential of BAIC Group. We have our dream of BAIC - to make us from big to strong, from domestic to international, and so all executives and staffs of BAIC Motor are duty-bound and take heavy responsibilities to make the BAIC Dream come true. With the beautiful sunshine sprinkling into our faces and a long path ahead of us, I believe, as long as we work hard with hand in hand, BAIC Motor will become the leading and most competitive passenger car manufacturer and service provider in China market.

Party Secretary & Chairman

BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd


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